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Bongers itS - Design, Policy and Products

Welcome to the Hub Bongers website.

Economic and cultural backgrounds, along with contemplation, enable us to give innovative and unconventional answers, visions and designs.

Our inspiring cities to work from are Amsterdam and Nijmegen in the Netherlands, Milano in Italy and Beijing in China. Mr. Bongers Hub is as a corporate and government executive, as a designer, theorist and also as an independent autodidact artist closely involved in the detail, the colour and model of our society with professional, reliable results and references.

We focus on development and sustainability, the best prospects for creativity, with passion, contemporary insights and understanding of local and global policy. A clear vision, valuable for basic infrastructure, experimental design and future-proofing.

We have built a website to become acquainted, to inform you about our activities and to show you various projects that we have carried out. Gradually you can see, read and discover more!